Insurance for yacht transportation

Most yachts get to their destination under their own power. All the same – the number of boats traveling piggyback is constantly growing.

If your ship needs to cross The Pond without getting its feet wet, detailed arrangements have to be made well in advance. In particular, loading is fraught with great risk. For instance, the ship needs to be well lashed and sit securely on the skids, and the radar mast or, for sailing yachts, the main mast has to be lowered. And during actual transport aboard a freighter or container ship, sailing and motor yachts are exposed to any number of risks.

Pantaenius sea transport insurance covers these risks, including those associated with loading and unloading. In addition, this all-risk policy covers salvage and wreck removal expenses, as well as political risks, such as wars, strikes, and terrorism. We’re happy to assist you in hiring an appraiser.

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