Prevent a stand-still

A worst case scenario can happen quicker than a flash; for example, if a material damage suddenly interrupts your operation.

In such a case not only the costs for the restoration have to be borne, but simultaneously also the continuing expenses for wages, interest, fees etc. The sum of these costs can quickly lead to severe financial losses – or, in the worst case, even jeopardise the existence. Also the loss of profit is compensated during the time of the interruption.

Alternatively, such a cover can also be limited to the occurring increased costs incurred during the interruption of business. Additional costs are considered to be expenses, which are not normally incurred either causal or in this amount and which have to be expended for the continuation of the business or the reduction of the period of interruption after a material damage.

Additional expenses are for example the utilisation of foreign property, rooms or facilities, the utilisation of services or even overtime surcharges.

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