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Whether it is a production site in Brazil or a sales and service office in China We will support you in every important, emerging market around the world.

Through our partnerships with independent brokerage houses, we are represented in more than 120 countries. Thanks to these long-standing connections, our partnering companies can take advantage of comprehensive national and international insurance programmes.

Our international understanding of risk management will accompany your business across borders. Partner with Pantaenius, and turn your risks into benefits.

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Service providers

Service provision encompasses a number of complex businesses and activities. The increasing rate at which companies must specialise and establish their niche, places growing demands on the process of transferring risk to the insurance sector. The altered data landscape, however, requires that the traditional branches of economic and tax consultation focus on securing more extensive hedges in addition to conventional financial loss liability coverage.

At Pantaenius, we take a comprehensive approach to insurance contracts. Rather than simply locking them away in a file, our qualified employees make annual inspections of our policies, ensuring that they are kept up to date with changes in the insurance market and the industry.

Disposal and wet waste disposal companies

Working alongside our customers, we develop individual solutions to cover operational risks (in particular affordable fire and liability insurance). Due to our good contacts with a wide range of well-known insurers, we offer excellent terms in the motor vehicle insurance sector.

In addition, the fast and professional claims process at Pantaenius gives you a full range of access to expert knowledge.For companies that deal with wet waste disposal we have developed special insurance concepts for sewer cleaning and sewer inspection vehicles, which include, as examples, the following coverage extensions:

  • Improved fair value determination in the event of a total loss
  • the option to immediately begin repairs, provided that the damage report is made immediately and the damaged parts that cannot be repaired are stored as evidence.
  • salvage costs for cameras will also be reimbursed up to EUR 5,000 if it turns out afterwards that no material damage has occurred to the insured object.

Chain stores

We pride ourselves on adapting insurance coverage to the individual wishes and needs of our customers. Our experience means that we know what to look for, and the possibilities available when designing insurance policies. Combining several insurance contracts into one results in an insurance policy that is both clear and comprehensible to our customers.

Numerous customers representing a wide variety of chain stores have placed their trust in us for many years. There are only a few named exclusions in our all-risk protection policy, a benefit which makes the subject of insurance more understandable. Particularly in the case of catering, food or hygiene businesses, the danger of plant closure (by official order) should always be taken into account.

Similarly, the sums insured for personal injury and property damage under business liability insurance should always be taken under sufficient consideration. In particular, the sum insured for damage to rented property should be taken into account here. Pantaenius is also a trustworthy partner when it comes to cyber and data risks, and will work with you to analyse your company's risk.


Whether their business is traditional or online, distributors are subject to special risks. At Pantaenius, our specialists analyse these risks on an individual basis. Taking your specific needs into account, we propose an economically viable risk management policy in conjunction with our insurance policies. Liability for distributors has increased in recent years, with a focus on ensuring sufficient insurance sums for personal injury or property damage.

The same applies to product liability risks that arise from use instructions for, or the processing or mixing of the products you trade. Recall scenarios are talked through. Especially in the case of high goods values in warehouses, your trade products can pose existential risks. This not only applies to fire damage, but also increasingly to elementary hazards or cyber attacks, in which case the main focus is on damages from loss.

Business interruption scenarios are run through, and expected downtimes are determined. The potential for damage to your goods during transport is also analysed, and the insurance policies designed accordingly.

Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies in particular are subject to a large number of risks.

These risks are analysed by our experienced specialists on a individual basis. Working in consultation with your business, we develop a risk management system that shifts your existential loss potentials to insurance policies in an economically sensible way.

In particular, we make sure to assign suitable deductibles that relieve you of hidden costs. It is increasingly important to ensure sufficiently high insurance sums in liability policies. This applies not only to personal injury or property damage, but also for financial losses brought about by your products or necessary recalls. Environmental damage scenarios are discussed, and their insurability delineated.

What types of losses from business interruption pose an existential threat? Fires and natural hazards have always existed. The increasing threat from cyber risks, however, is extremely relevant for IT-controlled production processes and warehouses. Are you dependent on a few suppliers or customers? We also take into account their possible failure due to material damage, as well as your business' dependence on "key machines" in its plants.


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