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Yacht transport

Pantaenius Marine Insurance

Most yachts reach their destination by their own keel. Nonetheless, piggyback transport is increasingly common.

If your ship is to hop across the pond dry-footed, detailed preparations must be made. Loading in particular presents a major hazard. For example, the ship must be well moored, stand securely on the loading blocks and the radar mast must be removed, or the mast placed on the sailing yacht. Even then, during transport on a freighter or container ship sailing and motor yachts are exposed to a variety of hazards.

Pantaenius Marine Insurance covers these risks, including hazards posed by loading and unloading. In addition, this all-risk coverage includes not only insurance protection against political risks such as war, strike and terrorism, but also salvage and wreck removal costs. We are also happy to help with commissioning an appraiser.

Commercial shipping

Stay safely on course

Marine hull insurance offers you comprehensive insurance coverage on European inland waters. Your ship, its mechanical equipment and accessories are all insured in one contract. Third party liability claims arising from navigational measures and wreck removal are also covered. Marine hull insurance is usually a prerequisite in the case of external financing.

We provide Insurance coverage for:

Watercraft of all kinds such as passenger ships, motor cargo ships, tugboats, barges, scows and floating objects such as dredging vehicles and pontoons.

Protect yourself against damage caused to other persons or property in the course of your professional duties. Nautical damage, e.g. caused by ship collision, is often excluded from business liability insurance but is covered by marine hull insurance. In the end, additional marine hull insurance pays off.

Liability insurance

When it comes to commercial shipping, liability insurance is indispensable.  It includes many forms of business liability insurance, including additional coverage for carrier liability, collision liability, wreck removal and environmental liability, as well as personal injury, property damage and financial loss.

Protection & Indemnity Insurance

Developed by shipowners, Protection & Indemnity insurance - P&I insurance for short - is founded on the basic premise of insuring each other against potential losses. The majority of P&I Clubs in existence today continue to be mutual associations, providing cover against liability, for example, in the event of death or personal injury of crew members and third parties, water pollution and cargo damage. This insurance also covers collision damage and wreck removal costs exceeding the insured value of the ship, however.

Insurance of goods in transit


In many cases, the liability that freight forwarders, carriers and/or warehouse keepers carry is not sufficient to compensate for the damage they themselves have sustained.

In order to close this gap, we recommend that you take out a "total risk coverage" goods transport insurance policy. This insurance compensates for the full value of the lost or damaged goods.

Transport insurance protects your goods worldwide against the dangers of transport and associated storage.

Transport liability insurance


Transport liability insurance offers insurance protection in the course of your contracted business activities as a forwarding agent, carrier or warehouse keeper.

Assuming liability for goods to be transported poses far-reaching liability risks. Transport liability insurance protects your company against claims for damages arising from a given freight contract.

Our experts can propose a wide range of transport liability insurance solutions tailored to your particular risks.


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