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Insurance solutions for aviation

In the aviation sector, players are confronted with specific risks. Insurance policies designed specifically for this purpose offer optimum protection.

Hull Insurance

  • Damage on the ground and in the air covered
  • Pilot error also insured

Insurance Solutions

Why is specialized aviation insurance necessary?


Every risk to be insured requires specialized insurance. This also applies to all risks associated with aviation. Be it for aircraft/helicopters, airfields/airports, pilots and passengers or various companies in the aviation industry.

Which aviation insurance do I need?


There are many different types of insurance for players in the aviation industry. The type of insurance you need depends on the role you play in the industry. Do you have an aeronautical company, an aviation clubs or are you the owner of an aircraft such as a aeroplane, helicopter or similar? In principle, the legally required liability insurance is essential. All other possible aviation insurances must be examined on the basis of precise risk data.

How is the premium for aviation insurance calculated?


The premium depends on the insurance required for the individual risk. A risk analysis is carried out for this purpose. In addition to the legally required liability insurance, there are various types of cover, such as passenger liability, CSL (Combined Single Limit), personal accident, hull, hull war, engine, hull excess, hull spare parts, workshop hull, hangar, environmental liability, operation interruption, flight instructor liability, club liability, product liability, hangar keepers liability and BADV (ground handling) insurance, as well as many more.

What specific cover does aviation insurance offer?


Aircrafts are covered by the legally prescribed Third Party Legal Liability Insurance. In the case of multi-seater aircraft, you should have CSL (Combined Single Limit) insurance. For aircraft used for schooling, personal accident insurance is advisable. Hull insurance is appropriate for higher valued aircrafts.

What information is required to take out aviation insurance?


All information relevant to assessing the risk is required. For aircrafts, this can be: type, manufacturer, number of seats, year of manufacture, use (private, commercial, schooling, etc.), geographical scope of application, number and experience of pilots, value (hull), etc. For aviation companies or other parties involved in the aviation industry, the areas of activity must be precisely defined.

Is there special cover for air carrier or flight schools?


Flying schools in particular have an increased risk when they offer ab initio training. The purpose of the schooling must be taken into account in the liability insurance as well as the hull insurance. Furthermore, personal accident insurance should be taken out in the event of disability or death in the event of an accident. The flight instructor himself should have flight instructor liability insurance. For aviation companies, a detailed risk analysis of the areas of activity should be carried out so that there are no gaps in cover.

Areas of aviation

From airplanes to air sports clubs

Would you like to insure your helicopter, your airfield or yourself as a pilot? With insurance solutions specially tailored to the individual requirements of the aviation industry, we cater to a wide range of aviation players.


Comprehensive cover for loss of licence?

Every professional and airline pilot knows how important it is to be fit to fly. The normal occupational disability insurance for pilots only offers comprehensive insurance cover in combination with the so-called Loss of License Insurance.

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What or whom can or must you insure?

Aviation insurance does not always consist only of the legally required liability insurance, but often also requires hull insurance for the aircraft. Furthermore, the persons to be insured are considered - owners, pilots, flight instructors and flight students as well as the passengers. The same applies to the aircrafts themselves. You certainly think of aircrafts first in the field of aviation, but helicopters, drones, balloons or gliders also need appropriate insurance cover. In addition, there are special aspects to consider when insuring airfields, flight simulators, workshops, clubs and companies. This also applies to certain events at airfields, such as exhibitions and shows, or individual areas of technology, such as engines or electronics. In addition, there are special insurances in the field of aviation, which are of particular importance in the case of war, hijacking, environmental damage or the loss of pilot licences.

So there is a lot to insure. However, not everything is necessary or even useful for your needs. But that is what we are here for. For the respective aviation insurance, different details are usually necessary to calculate the insurance premium. As an experienced aviation insurance broker, we will be happy to help you determine the best insurance cover for you. Of course, we will also be at your side in the event of a claim. Simply contact us and let us discuss your needs.

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