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In addition to the familiar aviation liability and hull insurances, you can also contract specific aviation insurances, such as for persons or your transported goods.

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What or whom can or must you insure?

Aviation insurance does not always consist only of the legally required liability insurance, but often also requires hull insurance for the aircraft. Furthermore, the persons to be insured are considered - owners, pilots, flight instructors and flight students as well as the passengers. The same applies to the aircrafts themselves. You certainly think of aircrafts first in the field of aviation, but helicopters, drones, balloons or gliders also need appropriate insurance cover. In addition, there are special aspects to consider when insuring airfields, flight simulators, workshops, clubs and companies. This also applies to certain events at airfields, such as exhibitions and shows, or individual areas of technology, such as engines or electronics. In addition, there are special insurances in the field of aviation, which are of particular importance in the case of war, hijacking, environmental damage or the loss of pilot licences.

So there is a lot to insure. However, not everything is necessary or even useful for your needs. But that is what we are here for. For the respective aviation insurance, different details are usually necessary to calculate the insurance premium. As an experienced aviation insurance broker, we will be happy to help you determine the best insurance cover for you. Of course, we will also be at your side in the event of a claim. Simply contact us and let us discuss your needs.

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