Personal Accident Insurance


A personal accident insurance for the event of disability and/or death can be contracted for every person who legitimately uses an aircraft (pilots, crew members, flight students, passengers). A fixed sum insured is agreed. Further components of the seat accident insurance are the assumption of rescue costs, cosmetic operations, daily hospital allowance.

Pilots and crew members can particularly benefit from personal accident insurance, as it covers additional accident events that are excluded from private 24-hour accident insurance.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance


Kidnap and ransom insurance is usually only recommended for people or employees of companies who are frequently in high-risk areas. However, such insurance against kidnapping can in principle be contracted by anyone. It covers not only the ransom, but also the costs that can arise from a kidnapping, such as for doctors, interpreters, psychiatrists or mediators.

Medical Malpractice Insurance


Medical Malpractice Insurance is a liability insurance that covers errors that medical staff may make in the treatment/care of patients being transported.

Transport Insurance


With transport insurance, you can cover possible damage to the aircraft or theft of the aircraft during transport. However, you should note that some services are already covered by hull insurance. This includes, for example, transport to a workshop, provided there is hull damage.

Exhibition Insurance


Of course, we don't automatically assume this, but a lot can happen at a trade fair or exhibition. Exhibition insurance is there to cover you against unpleasant experiences and risks such as theft, fire, transport damage or vandalism.

Loss of Licence Insurance


Loss of licence insurance is designed to cover professional pilots in the event that they lose their licence. This can happen as a result of an accident or illness, as the demands on the fitness of pilots are high. Without a licence, a pilot is no longer allowed to practise his profession. The loss of licence insurance is paid out either as an annuity or as a one-off amount.

Cyber Insurance


In today's world, computer systems facilitate and control almost all of our daily lives - naturally also in the field of aviation. However, this is precisely what makes cybercrime so dangerous. There is always a risk that unauthorised persons can cause considerable damage through remote access. In the cockpit as well as in flight monitoring systems. With cyber insurance, you protect yourself against such cases of manipulation by third parties.

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