Food Truck Insurance

One-of-a-kind all-round protection especially for your food truck or trailer.

Your benefits

Towing costs

What if your food truck breaks down or is involved in an accident? The insurance covers your towing costs to your chosen location, even from your home address.

Downtime costs

What if you lose takings due to damage? Downtime costs will be reimbursed up to your fixed sum insured.

Recovery and removal costs

What if your food truck needs to be recovered? Clean-up, recovery, removal and disposal costs are also covered.

Cover for cash

What if you fall victim to theft? Your cash is insured against theft or extortion.

No age-related deductions for repairs

What if your truck needs repair? Claims are settled on the basis of the bill for repairs, with no deductions for age.

Festival cancellation cover

What if the event falls through? In the event of an open-air festival or other open-air event being cancelled, you will receive a contribution to incurred costs.

Make sure you are safe

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Vehicle value of the Food Truck/ -trailer incl. fixed parts and structures and customised paintwork.

Value of the goods, stocks and the equipment incl. cash, outdoor seating, tables, personal items, etc.

Select your required downtime costs per day:

The downtime costs should correspond to the average daily income. The downtime costs will be refunded for a maximum of 10 days.

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More benefits

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Shut-down by the authorities

Shut-down by the authorities

What if you are ordered to shut down your food truck? Downtime costs are also covered in the event that the food truck is shut down by the relevant authorities.


What if your food truck has engine damage due to misfuelling? No problem. We also cover this.

Keep your dream a reality!

As a food truck owner you get to enjoy the freedom of serving your food wherever and whenever you like. But how important to you is the feeling of security? To keep your dream a reality and make sure your living is not jeopardised, we at Pantaenius have developed a special type of insurance, the only one of its kind on the market, which covers both you and your food truck or trailer for all eventualities, meaning you will be accompanied by a feeling of security wherever you go.

To what extent will you be insured? 

We will agree a fixed sum insured for your food truck or trailer, which will be reimbursed without any deduction for the market value in the event of total loss of the truck or trailer. Also included in the cover will be all built-in parts and bodywork, special paintwork finishes, as well as goods, supplies and cash. With Pantaenius you also receive all-risks cover, which means that you will be insured against practically all unforeseen risks resulting from destruction, damage or loss. This covers, among other things, accident, force majeure, fire, explosion, theft and vandalism. Additional claims resulting from leasing contracts are also covered.

Do you already have vehicle insurance? No problem!

You can start benefiting from our all-inclusive package before the cancellation date of your current insurance policy. You will receive special conditions during the overlap period.

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