Drone Liability Insurance

Liability is mandatory!

The Federal Ministry of Transport mandates a separate liability insurance policy for every aircraft in German airspace. It does not matter whether these aircraft are used privately or commercially.

Keep your risks in view, so that a control flight does not end in fiasco!


Private and commercial

Insurance covers private and commercial use for photo and video recordings, participation in competitions and public events.

No user restriction

Anyone who flies the insured drone and is entitled to use it, is automatically insured.

Extended coverage

Occasional use of other (third party) models / drones is insured.

Free flying

The ascent and flight of the copter is also insured outside model airfields (free flying) as are indoor flights, with restrictions.

No age limit

With reference to § 110 BGB, the policyholder may also be under 18 years of age. The age of the drone pilot is not limited.

Worldwide protection

The insurance coverage applies worldwide aside from US territories and Canada.

Why purchase drone liability insurance?

More and more companies now use drones with cameras for control purposes, and for a better overview. The aircraft are used to inspect high house facades, to explore construction sites and difficult access points, or to enable filming. All are fields of application where it is worthwhile to use such a "controller".

As we all know, however, what goes up must come down. This descent does not always go according to plan, and often ends in a claim. In less serious incidents, the drone crashes into the ground, and hopefully is covered by pre-existing hull insurance. Who would cover the damage though, if a person were harmed by a crashing drone?

Please note that only policyholders from Germany can be insured.

Make sure you're covered!

For commercial use of high-quality drones, please also contact us about our hull insurance.



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