CSL (Combined Single Limit) Insurance


The CSL insurance (Combined Single Limit) is a combination of owner's liability and passenger liability insurance. The CSL insurance thus covers the legal liability of the carrier arising from the use of the aircraft, as well as its legal liability arising from the carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo on board. The advantage of a CSL insurance is the variable use of the higher sum insured in relation to the owner's liability insurance in the event of a claim.

Third Party Legal Liability Insurance


A third party legal liability insurance is a statutory insurance.

Included in the insurance cover is first of all the legal liability when using the insured aircraft. Furthermore, it includes the personal liability of all persons involved in the operation of the aircraft. Likewise, the owner's liability insurance offers protection in the event of claims for damages by third parties on the ground, which are raised as a result of legal provisions. The justification of the claims is then examined by the liability insurer.

Liability claims resulting from personal injury or damage to property of passengers are not included in the insurance cover of the owner's liability insurance. Here again, the passenger liability insurance needs to be considered.

Passenger Liability Insurance


Passenger liability insurance (also called air carrier liability insurance) protects the air carrier/pilot against justified and unjustified claims by injured passengers or their surviving dependants. This insurance cover includes passenger damage, baggage damage and damage caused by delays.

Passenger liability insurance is required by law for the carriage of passengers (even if the passengers are travelling free of charge).



Please feel free to contact us if you require a higher cover sum for passenger liability insurance than that required by law.

Liability War Insurance


Damage related to war or terrorist events, among other things, is included in the liability insurance up to the statutory minimum sum insured. It is often advisable to adjust the sum insured to the full sum insured, especially if you travel a lot around the world. We will be happy to advise you further here.

Liability Insurance for Airfields


The legal liability insurance applies to landing sites of any kind resulting from the ownership, maintenance or operation of landing sites, helicopter pads or airfields with a maximum weight of up to 5,700 kilograms. The personal liability of the duty air traffic controller is included in this liability insurance, as well as that of the take-off controller who has been confirmed by the aerodrome operator and the aviation authority. Claims for damages made by a third party on the basis of statutory liability provisions under private law are covered by the landing site liability insurance or the flight site liability insurance.

Flight Instructor Liability Insurance


During a training flight, the student is not considered a passenger and is therefore not covered by CSL or passenger liability insurance. Thus, flight instructors (FI) and examiners (FE) - whether working on a freelance basis or in commercial flight schools - should contract appropriate liability insurance in the event of a flight accident in which the flight instructor can be accused of culpable conduct and the student pilot asserts claims and/or compensation for pain and suffering.

However, damage to the training aircraft itself is excluded from this special aviation liability insurance.

Event Liability Insurance


Liability insurance for organisers in the field of aviation protects the organiser against third-party liability claims. It covers the legal liability for personal injury and property damage arising from the preparation or execution of public aviation events. The insurance cover also includes visitors of the event. Almost all aviation events are subject to authorisation. These include, for example, airfield festivals or flying days. For flight demonstrations of military jets, you as the organiser must also provide proof of corresponding insurance cover.

Club Liability Insurance


As an club, you naturally want to be on the safe side in case of personal injury or property damage. A liability insurance for clubsis suitable for this purpose. It effectively protects you against claims for damages by third parties. If desired, financial losses can also be insured.

Environment Liabilty Insurance


An environmental liability insurance supplements the business liability insurance. With an environmental liability insurance, you insure liability claims for damage caused by environmental impacts.

Product Liabilty Insurance


As an aviation company, supplier to the aviation industry, aeronautical engineering company, aircraft maintenance company or aircraft dealer, you need product liability insurance. With product liability insurance, you as a company are insured against personal injury or property damage that occurs during the manufacture and delivery of products and through the performance of work or services. Possible claims for damages can be so high that the existence of your company can be threatened.

Custodial Liability insurance


When aircrafts belonging to third parties are taken into care, either to work on them or to temporarily store them between purchase and sale, custody liability insurance is indispensable. Aviation companies as well as aircraft dealers or other companies (e.g. airport service providers) should have this insurance.

Business Liability Insurance


Business liability insurance makes sense or is even obligatory if you are a tradesman, craftsman, freelancer or industrial company.

Employees Liability Insurance


If you are a dealer in the aviation sector, an expert or a CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation), you should have professional liability insurance. This also covers financial losses, among other things.

Ground Handling Liability Insurance


As a ground handling service provider at airports, you must provide proof of aviation liability insurance. According to §3 of the Ground Handling Ordinance (BADV), the conclusion of aviation liability insurance is mandatory for all service providers at airports (ground handling services). These service providers include, for example, those responsible for surveillance, baggage handling, mail handling or cleaning.

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